Tuesday, March 24, 2015


There is the journey and then there is the destination. Everyone hopes that at the end of each journey lies Nirvana. Our journey through school should lead to academic success and we would experience Nirvana. But you arrive there and it is only an intersection so you must choose a route to your next destination. Nirvana you decide, is a successful career in your profession. But perhaps a lack of opportunities frustrates that route and you find yourself at a new intersection. You dump the career decide to become a successful entrepreneur but on that path you find new convictions and you opt to become an idealist, a philanthropist, an activist, or a pastor! The path of love ended in marriage and there too, you did not find Nirvana. As the years pass you reflect on the different routes that you have chosen and wonder why you have not experienced Nirvana at any of the destinations. The map looks so muddled, and many roads still lie ahead so you must soldier on to your next destination.

At 50 I know that you cannot retrace your steps and restart the journey. Nirvana may be waiting at the final destination, but the journey is happening now and you can still choose a route that you will enjoy on the way to eternity.

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