Sunday, March 29, 2015

Friends Forever

They wear pendants shaped in half the heart and the other half is gifted to their BFF. The deal is sealed - Best Friends Forever! Three months later the pendant is no longer a favorite but now your daughter is wearing bracelets of the same bright color as the neighbor's niece and they are all emblazoned with the magic letters: 'BFF.' So you ask discreetly, 'whatever happened to so and so?' The answer is not as ominous as you thought: New school = New BFF! A look at the list of BFFs over the years is like a kaleidoscopic tour of who your daughter is and how she has become who she now is: A little bit of Monica in her hair, a little bit of Jessica in her walk, a little bit of Erika in her talk, a little bit of Sandra in her mood...

At 50 I know that forever is a very, very long time and a close look at past BFFs will help you understand your values over the years. If you want to know which of those values you really treasured, the ones that have survived the test of time, then look at your friends now.

— feeling loved.

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