Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love is Sharing

My mother taught me that 'Love is sharing' but when it came to snack for school break she said snack was not to be shared with anyone. She wasn't being mean, she just wanted to be sure that first and foremost, I was never hungry at school. I learnt that harmless sounding adages could be double edged. 'Turning the other cheek,' turned you into a bully's punching bag, much like 'cowards live longer.' 'Love one another' works well if the other party is of the same mind. Then one day I introduced my messed up girlfriend to the man of my dreams. She took one look at him, turned to me and repeated my mother's advice: 'Love is sharing!'

At 50 I know that prescriptive advice should be dispensed with a warning: 'Interpret carefully and decide wisely when to apply

— feeling thoughtful.

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