Tuesday, March 24, 2015


You can tell a woman's age by the way she utters the word: 'Men!' Of course at first it was:'Boys!' (Frustration and anger) - At the awkward creature with uncoordinated limbs that pulled your hair when the teacher wasn't looking and dared you to cross a line on the playground. Then it was 'Guys!' (Sad and resigned) - At an even more awkward teenager with a breaking voice and a forehead covered with pimples who thinks the two hairs on his chin are a beard! But before you knew it they became: 'Men!' (Your heart throbbing loud enough to pop your ears) -No longer awkward at all, they now spot six-pack abs that are 'to die for' - the frog just became a prince! 'Men!' (Broken hearted sigh) They will never get it! - The heart-stopping idiot decided to marry your best friend! 'Men' (Anger, just plain anger) - Your mother was right! The two-timing fool you married before you run out of child-bearing eggs is cheating on you again. 'Men!' (nostalgia and confusion) - Your father was right! You left him in haste before that 10-year 'quarantine' period after which everything settles - and he becomes 'like your brother.'

At 50 I know that am still trying to figure them out - 'Men!' (sighs)

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