Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How Times Change!

The things my mother would never have tolerated that my teenage daughters take for granted - and why I accept them:
1. Talking back to authority - Authority is not always right and must be questioned
2. Speaking at the dinner table - This is perhaps the only chance we get for quality time
3. Piercing their ears twice in the same lobe - I have seen piercings in more unsavory places
4. Wearing short hot pants or short anything - A woman should not be punished for having great legs
5. Going to a 'Dance' with a strange boy - This is an innocent activity as long as it does not lead to grandchildren
6. Discussing boyfriends - Better to learn of him through my daughter than any other way
7. Discussing sex - Better to learn of it from me than from the boyfriend.

At 50 I know that my parents' understanding of respect and good manners is different from mine.

— feeling cool.

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