Thursday, March 26, 2015

Forbidden Fruit

Even when I was too young to complain I already hated vegetables. That was the first indication that most of the things I would hate in life are actually good! Conversely, any sweet snack had to be taken in tiny portions or not at all. So by association, everything I found desirable was probably bad for me but it was also likely to be wickedly delectable. So alcohol is bad, but hey, the high must be worth it! Good guys are no fun so bad guys must be really BAD (as in great!) I got really mixed up at that point and am still wearing the scars. Looking back now I can tell you, the 'high' from alcohol is followed by many bad hangovers, the girls who desisted from sugary snacks are still looking good, the good guys matured into fine men and the bad guys are still really bad (not BAD.)

At 50 I know that there is an inclination in many of us towards the forbidden but I have learnt that the joy of the forbidden is often short lived.

— feeling naughty.

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