Monday, March 30, 2015


If you have heard of BFFs then you most likely have heard of 'Frenemies,' They seek you out for friendship and cling like leeches waiting for opportunities to poison your thoughts and to watch you fail. The childhood friend who let you play with her toys when you visited her home but laughed the hardest when boys bullied you at school. The teenage 'partner in crime' who helped you sneak out of your home for a disco and then smirks with glee when she hears you were caught trying to get back in. The bombshell whose looks attract serious stares from all the guys yet she will do anything to ruin the relationship with your one true love. The one who brings the most expensive gift to your baby shower and spends the evening talking about the high mortality rate in your country's labor wards. Oh, they also come crying louder than the bereaved when they hear you have been laid off at work or that your spouse is cheating with a mutual friend. They will of course be on hand to tell you when your kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd. All in the name of friendship!

At 50 I know that 'Frenemies' may come into our lives by chance but we keep them there by choice.  Don't wait another day before you cut them out of your life ...for good.

— feeling relieved.

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