Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Feeling Lucky

Many people will say they are not gamblers and do not expect to make a fortune from playing cards or the lottery. Secretly, though they are waiting for their numbers to come in. If you are waiting for your man to build you a house, or your rich girlfriend to buy you that dream car don't deny being a gambler. If you are waiting on an inheritance to give you your big break, you are gambling. If you are lining up for a visa at every Western Consulate to escape your country and make it abroad, you are gambling. In fact whenever you speculate with minimal investment and insignificant or unknown risk - but expect high returns, you are gambling. A gambler counts on being lucky. The honest gambler walks into a Casino and spins that wheel. Others sit around spinning fantasies in their heads, waiting to be lucky.

At 50 I know that the odds are in favor of those who invest in hard work instead of a lottery ticket. The reward for gambling is always uncertain and the frustration of waiting to get lucky leads many to self destruction.

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