Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Read & Learn

Advances in information technology over the last few decades are amazing particularly for those of us born before a computer became a household item. Kids today cannot fathom how we managed even elementary research without an Internet search engine. I sometimes wonder too. Carlill vs. Carbolic Smokeball Co. the first contract case I needed to study in order to complete an assignment, was missing from the University library! Someone had selfishly plucked out the pages from the large case book and thus started my journey into the world of 'xeroxing.' You sought out someone who had a copy of the case you were studying and photocopied, or more than likely, wrote down every word in a notebook because photocopies cost money and we were broke. Somehow we stumbled through law school and graduated without the help of the World Wide Web. Now with Google, Yahoo, Maps, Wiki this and Wiki that, I get baffled when kids can't spell a word or find a place on a map.

At 50 I know that all the advances in information and communication technology still haven't figured out a way to imprint knowledge on your mind without your participation. So no matter how fast the Internet, we still learn the good old fashioned way: Read and study - hard !

— feeling accomplished.

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