Monday, April 13, 2015

Becoming a Dinosaur

Five reasons why my kids think that am a dinosaur:

1. I remember my Dad's car number plates from the 70s (UYT 404) but I do not know the number plates of my car.
2. I love African American comedy and watched nearly every Eddie Murphy movie but my kids laughed when I asked, 'Who is Kevin Hart?'
3. I say 'I like that number,' when I hear a favorite song. Apparently no one says this anymore....

4. I tell them they can't go to the disco without my permission. Kids say they are no longer called discos.
5. The telephone number in my childhood home was 30365 but if you ask me the number of my cell phone now, I have to check.

At 50 I know am experiencing that curious phenomenon when it gets difficult to keep pace with new trends in urban culture or retain new frivolous information but thankfully my earlier memories are still intact.
feeling concerned.

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