Saturday, April 4, 2015

Expect Nothing

The frustration in our lives is not always caused by what we fail to attain but rather what we expect to attain. When I was a political activist I shared my ideas and ideals on the issues of the day to help build that critical mass needed to cause change and to transform my fortunes at the polls - that altar of public perception. A political activist may be a leader of sorts but most activists expect that their cause and leadership can only be validated when they become titled - an MP, Chairperson or President - in the structures of power. So until they reverse their fortunes at the polls an activist may become increasingly frustrated and feel unappreciated. I beat myself up many times wondering why even the highest ideals failed to make a difference at the polls. I wallowed in self pity and pondered on the misfortune of a fickle society that failed to appreciate higher ideals. Yet I also willfully refused to acknowledge that my self-righteousness was an egregious flaw.

At 50 I know that everyone likes being rewarded for their contribution but society does not owe us any reward for our personal sacrifices. When the reward doesn't come in the form you had expected then bask in the good that your work may have brought to others. That is your reward.

— feeling satisfied.

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